Drop Ship Policy

Shipping Parts to UMV

Our goal is to build the camper you want so you can enjoy it for many years to come. We recognize that new products come to market all the time, and there are many more accessories and parts available than Ursa Minor can ever possibly stock or offer on our website. There are also occasional issues with availability for parts we do offer. As a result, customers may wish to purchase and ship parts to the UMV shops for inclusion in their build.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when shipping parts to Ursa Minor.

Camper Specific Parts

Parts mounted to, or included in, the build of the camper are considered camper specific parts. Common examples include

  • Awnings
  • Lights
  • Solar Panels
  • Racks

Vehicle Specific Parts

Parts and accessories mounted to the vehicle, but not on the camper itself, are considered vehicle parts. Common examples include

  • Dual Battery Systems
  • Interior cabinetry and storage
  • Electrical controls or monitoring systems
  • Accessory mounting systems

Ursa Minor is a dealer for many systems to extend the capability and range of your vehicle, but there are alternatives available. These can be purchased along with a camper or independently. Customers may order these accessories for us to install when the vehicle is at the shop, but at this time we do not handle

  • Lifts
  • Bumpers/Armor
  • Suspension work
  • Exhaust work.

Please do not drop ship components that we do not install to our shop.

For any shipments, please ensure the name on the shipment is the same as on the camper order, and note the last 4 numbers of the order as a reference on any document. As soon as an item is purchased, please forward the tracking information by email. Ursa is not responsible for unexpected non-signature deliveries.


We can usually estimate completion of an order within a couple weeks, but on average there is at least about 6 months between ordering and building

  • Ordering parts earlier in the process allows time for shipping, inspection and installation
  • We will not hold a camper build for customer drop ship parts to arrive.
  • If parts are not available when the camper is built, they will not be installed and will be returned to the customer at pick up, or shipped back at customer cost.
  • Some parts are best installed after the camper is built. This will extend the time the vehicle is needed in the shop for a typical install.

Application (Usability)

Prior to ordering parts for drop ship, check in with Ursa Minor to see if we have experience with installing a component. We may be able to let you know if we have worked with this part previously, or if it will definitely not work. We also may have never seen the part previously, and only confirm fit once we try it.

  • Some components are designed for easy install with little modification or customization needed to the part or the camper.
  • Some components can be fitted but may require significant customization of the part or camper to allow use. Ursa can not always accurately estimate the time required until the work is done. Customers acknowledge that Ursa will charge a shop rate for the work, and the work may result in the part being modified.
  • Some parts just may not work with the camper, due to the vendor design or by changes over time in Ursa products. Parts that fit on older generations of campers may not fit newer versions. If a part is not usable, Ursa can return the part at customer cost, or return to the customer at camper delivery. If shop time is used to check fit, Ursa may charge a shop rate even though the part was not installed.
  • Any modifications needed to install a part may void manufacturer warranties and/or returnability. Ursa does not take any responsibility for such impact, and does not always check with the customer before proceeding with modifications.
  • If a part installed is a component of a system that is incomplete at delivery, Ursa can not check functionality and will make no judgement on fitness for use.


The work we do is fun, but Ursa will generally expect to be paid for work performed.

  • For any parts drop shipped to Ursa Minor, customers will be charged a handling fee of 10% of the retail value of the part. This reflects efforts to track, receive, inspect and store parts. If not provided, we will use a quick google search to determine the retail price.
  • Time needed to install parts will be charged at an hourly shop rate. The minimum is a 1 hour charge. Current Shop rates are $120/hr
  • Our shop rate is similar to all automotive shops, and reflects the total cost of having the capacity, experience, and tools to perform specialized work.
  • We do not warranty any parts not sold by Ursa Minor. 
  • If requested, Ursa can estimate the cost installing a part before proceeding. If a part is dropped shipped, we assume that we will install it unless informed otherwise.