Jeep Camper Order Process

Jeep Camper Order Process

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Order Process

All campers are built to order in our San Diego facility.  We will ship campers to our Portland facility for installation.   Our distributors and installers may have units in stock, but not very often.  Production of a specific camper begins on reciept of the non-refundable 10% down payment made via Visa, MasterCard or check.



We are committed to building high-quality campers that exceed expectations. The turn-around for an order ranges from 10 to 12 weeks from payment of deposit, depending on season and our backlog. Once an order is placed , we'll confirm an estimated date for shipment or installation.


Logistics - UMV installation

When completed, a camper can be installed at our our facilities in San Diego or Portland, here are some options to consider:

  • Drive to our shop, spend a day looking around while we install the camper, then drive your new Jeep camper home
  • Ship your Jeep to our shop, fly in, drive your new Jeep camper home
  • Drive to our shop, fly home, then ship your new Jeep camper home
  • Ship a Jeep both ways
  • Buy a new or used Jeep through a dealer in San Diego or Portland, have it delivered to UMV, and then fly in and drive home when it's ready


Keep in mind if you are driving to our facility you will have to have a plan for your current top.

  • Hard Top: For short trips to our shop, you can remove the top and store it at your home for sale or reuse.   We are unable to economically ship a hard top, it would require a custom crate and would go freight, which will quickly cost more than the resale value of a used top.


  • Soft Top.  The soft top and frame will fit in the Jeep for the return trip, but it takes up a lot of room.  The soft top is not easy to ship, due to the size and weight it will have to go as crate and in a box big enough to hold it and all the  small parts.


The San Diego Trolley stop is a block away, allowing you easy access to downtown as well as the airport, while both Avis and Enterprise have rental locations less than a mile away. For planning, we are about 20 minutes from the San Diego Airport by cab.


If you reside outside of Southern California and are considering shipping a vehicle, specific rates vary depending on distance, date, and method of shipment. Choices range from hiring a driver to deciding between open or enclosed trailers, or ship it one way and then drive it home. Please call us and we'll be happy to help you understand the options.


The most common choice for those outside California is to plan a brief vacation around the installation. You can enjoy the beaches and scenery of Southern California or the beautiful Baja peninsula afterwards in your new camper.


Logistics - shipping

Jeep camper tops can be crated and shipped for installation by our dealers, at home or at a local service shop. Some things to consider:


Shipping will incur a crating charge of $450, this is in addition to transporation cost. The top will be placed on a custom pallet surrounded by a sturdy wooden crate for ground shipping. You'll have enough material for a treehouse, workbench or an excellent bonfire when you've unpacked your top. For international shipments, crating price will vary based on selecting air or sea shipping, and all materials will be Heat Treated (HT) to meet import/export regulations for wood packaging.


The gross weight of the J30 is approximately 260 - 300 lbs depending on options.  The crate is actuall heavier than the camper, and the total is 750 lbs +/-.  You will need a few friends and an appropriate vehicle to pick the crate up at a freight warehouse. (Residential delivery carries a significant surcharge but can be arranged, but keep in mind the crate is loaded with a forklift at our end)


Installation of the Ursa Minor hard top is similar to the OEM hard top, but will require connecting up the wire harness to the Jeep battery. Refer to a local service shop if necessary.

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