Power Package - 12V and USB Outlets


Optional 12 volt and USB outlets make charging accessories such as phones, cameras and computers easy.

  • Always on, no need to have key in the ignition to get power
  • Heavy gauge wire harness
  • Separate 7.5 am fuse
  • Each USB outlet has 1 x USB A 1 amp and 1 x USB 2.1 amp

For quiet, easy, and convenient charging, consider adding the power package to the camper

If you are thinking "why bother, didn't Jeep include outlets already?", keep in mind that while the may have outlets - the key may need to be in the "On" or "Accessory" position to get power at the OEM outlets. 

Unfortunately, with the ignition on, if any door or hatch is open the reminder chime will ring regularly and loudly to let you know not to leave your keys.  This is usually not appreciated by fellow campers.  It also power up other systems - fans, computer and maybe the radio.

This package includes both 12 V and USB outlets iwired separately from any factory wiring, so you won't need a key in the ignition. 

  • There are 2 outlets in the header (above the top of the windshield), a standard 12 Volt as well as dual USB ports.
  • There are 2 outlets in the sleeping loft, a standard 12 Volt and dual USB ports, these are at the rear of the vehicle


These outlets draws power from the existing vehicle battery, and are not intended to power any household appliances runnning on AC through an inventer.  The time it takes to kill the vehicle battery using any outlet in the vehicle is dependent on the condition of the battery and the power consumption of the accessory plugged in:   

  • Charging a phone will typically not kill a car battery
  • Running a small refridgerator could if it is working hard due to high temperatures.
  • Powering a heater could very quickly run the battery down


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