Rack Mounts - Yakima


If your Element already has a Yakima rack system installed, or one is planned, Yakima Landing Pad mounts (LP6 ) can be mounted on the ECamper.

  • This allows reuse of any existing bars and towers.
  • If Yakima racks will be purchased elsewhere, the compatible parts are the Yakima Control Towers and the 58" Round Bars.

Factory installed Yakima Rack Mounts allow use of Yakima Bars and Towers.  The Landing Pad mounts offer quick removal if racks are not needed or are too high for a parking garage.

  • The ECamper is unable to utilize the OEM Honda Factory Racks on the camper top due to differences in how they are secured to the roof.
  • It is always recommended to keeping loading on any racks within both Honda and the rack manufacturer's specifications.
  • Yakima Rack Bars, Locks, Pads, Towers and other accessories desired are available on request for additional charge.
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