All this sheltering in place led to an improved Ursa Minor Vehicles website finally getting launched!

This change allowed us to update the background software and layout, but did not impact any orders made previously...

New Accounts (created within last 12 months)

  • If you've set up an account and we have not shipped the camper yet, it should remain active on the new website.  An open order made on a new account will have a 10 digit order number like #000001234
  • If you set up an account in the last 12 months but have not ordered, the account should also still be active and wishlists saved.

Old Accounts (more than 12 months old)

  • We closed the account if we have shipped your camper.  
  • If you have an open order (typically these were pre-orders for JL campers) your account access is locked but don't panic, the order is in the production system and you can't make changes via the website anyway. An order on the old system will be a 3 digit number, like WEB-123.