Rack Mounts - Yakima Adjustable


This product is available with Ursa Minor Vehicles ?


Reuse existing Yakima racks or plan for future installation with a factory installed adjustable rack mounts

Factory installed Yakima Landing Pad Rack Mounts and 42" tracks allow use of Yakima Skyline towers and a range of cross bars.  The benefit of the Yakima Landing Pad system is the quick removal if racks are not needed or are too high for a parking garage.

  • It is always recommended to keeping loading on any racks within both OEM and the Yakima specifications.
  • Yakima Rack Bars, Locks and Towers and other accessories desired are available on request for additional charge, this option is only for the mounting points and tracks.
  • The use of tracks on the rear of the J30 allow the bar spread (distance between front and rear cross bar) to range between 2 to 6 feet.  Close together for smaller accessories, or far apart for canoes or SUP boards
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