Crate for Export (Shipping not included)


This product is available with Ursa Minor Vehicles ?

Crate - Export Shipments

In order to ship a J30 via container as part of a freight consolidator shipment, the camper will need to be completely crated. We start with a custom pallet, bolt the J30 and any accessories inside, then fully enclose the camper with a wood crate. The crate is assembled with screws to make it easier to disassemble and dispose of.  

This charge is only for crating of the camper, it does not include any shipping charges which must be quoted based on shipping type (air, sea or ground) and destination.

This option includes any necessary additional documentation for export, but customs or duties at port of importation are responsibility of purchaser. 


Length 106" 
Width 72"
Height 48"
Total Loaded Weight   750 Lbs

Note: Loaded Weight includes the J30 as well as the Pallet and Crate.   For any order in the USA select the Crate for USA option.  

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