Major Shady 270 Awning Package - Driver Side


This product is available with Ursa Minor Vehicles ?

The newest offering this 270 awning from Yakima provides maximum coverage while camping. This package includes: - 1 x Yakima Major Shady Awning, Left Side mount - 4 awning brackets - D Bracket for taught line but the front latches do not need to be relocated. - The installed package includes the awning as well as the brackets and fasteners needed. Specific Yakima info and specifications here:

Add a factory installed ARB2000 awning to the J30 on the passenger side The passenger side choice helps for camping in campgrounds or tailgating as this places the awning on the curb side of the vehicle. It's not as common as mounting the awning on the driver side of the Jeep as the tailgate when open is in the way when walking around to the rear.

The Package includes

  • ARB 2000 Awning 
  • J30 2 Bracket Awing Kit, with spacers and hardware 
  • Factory installation on the J30 on the side indicated in the option.

Common Questions:

Why only 2 brackets, can I get 4 like shown in some photos?

  • The ARB awning has a solid aluminum backing plate that mounts to the awning, under impact or high winds the failure point is likely to the be the awning arms, not the mounting brackets. 
  • Use of 4 brackets is suggested for heavier awning types, such as 270 degree awnings. 
  • We have photos online (website, instagram, facebook) where customers have had a factoryi installed 4 bracket kits and then transferred to these brackets awnings they previously owned or purchased elsewhere.
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