Goose Gear - 2011 to 2018 Jeep JKU Plate System - no sub


This product is available with Ursa Minor Vehicles ?

The Jeep JKU Plate System is now available for 2011-2018 Jeep 4-door models.

The Jeep Plate System is made of polyurethane covered Baltic Birch plywood. This plate allows the user to easily install various Jeep specific modules, including single and double drawer systems as well as the Icebox module and the CampKitchen 2.3 for Jeeps.

The plate system also makes a great platform for securing your own storage or gear including dog crates, other fridge slide brands, etc.

Price includes shipping from Goose Gear to the Ursa Minor shop.  If ordered with a camper, these accessories will fit in our crate and will not incur any shipping.    


Installation requires the permanent removal of the plastic trim in the rear cargo area. In later model Jeeps 2011+ the carpet is not there and once the plastic trim is removed the exposed painted metal of the Jeep body will be visible.

The set of aluminum rails depicted here are not included with the Plate System. The design of the Plate and Cubbies has been updated since this photo was taken, so these rails are no longer necessary for installation of the Cubbies

In 2011-2014 Jeeps with a SIDE MOUNTED subwoofer, you will have to remove the side subwoofer as well as any plastic trim.

Product weight is only 38.1 pounds.

Considerations about adding accessories onto the plate inside the J30 JK Series Ursa Minor Camper

  1. IceBox with Top drawer will not clear the gas struts for the rear window. You can fit an IceBox or a CampKitchen without any issues.
  2. 19" and 22" tall Double Drawer Modules will not clear the gas strut for the rear window. You can run a 15" tall double drawer module without clearance issues.

For DETAILED installation or configuration questions please contact Goose Gear directly!