Rack Mounts - Thule TK Series


This product is available with Ursa Minor Vehicles ?


Set your ECamper up for racks if you may need to haul bikes, boats or boards on your adventures. These quick release mounts work with several Thule tower/bar systems


The Thule TK mount system was a popular choice for the Element while in production.  These sturdy mounts allowed quick removal of Thule towers and bars when not in use, or if height restrictions are encountered.  The racks that work with the TK series mounts are no longer available from Thule.  This option will be offered as long as we can still source the TK series mounts.

  • If your Element already has a Thule Tracker II or Rapid Tracker rack system installed, these are compatible mounts for the ECamper. This allows you to reuse your existing bars and towers.  
  • If you don't have a rack yet,or may not get one for a while, select the Thule Podium series mounts


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