Transit Connect - Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ursa Minor offer swivel front seats as sometimes seen in Sprinters or old VW vans?

No, we are not able to provide this type of modification. The challenges to building a swivel seat are:

  • The front compartment is tight, with a console between the seats blocking the rotation
  • The seats have air bags, and the cables and connectors can not be modified to allow for rotation of the base
  • The rotating base would have to meet crash protection standards, typically requiring a vendor that makes swivel components for other vehicles/seats (not Ursa Minor fabricating something up in the shop)

Is the Ford Transit Connect available in Four Wheel Driver or All Wheel Drive?

No, the Ford Transit Connect is only avalible in Front Wheel Drive. 

The new 2020 Transit (the "big" Ford van) will offer an AWD option, and that has created some confusion about availability for the Transit Connect which is based on a smaller unibody platform. The thinking behind this design choice was to keep the load floor flat to maximize cargo loading for in-city courier and freight use.  This low and flat floor makes it harder to add a drive shaft to the rear wheels, although Ford did offer the Focus RS in AWD and this vehicle shares some components with the Transit Connect...

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