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Considering a J30 for your JK Jeep Wrangler (2007 to 2018) ?

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The installation of the J30 camper will impact the Jeep satellite antenna reception in the Jeep Wrangler.     The camper uses carbon fiber for low weight/high strength construction. This material is slightly conductive, and shields the Radio Frequency (RF) transmission from satellites. Blocking the signal leads to gaps in the Sirius playback and loss of navigation location on the GPS. Relocating the Sirius/GPS antenna ensures a better signal to these systems. The antenna looks like a small black hockey puck, and is weatherproof, allowing it be mounted externally if needed. This antenna does not need to be relocated if: The stereo has been replaced by a non-Jeep aftermarket head unit with a separate satellite antenna or GPS pick up The stereo does not have the Sirius satellite radio feature The Sirius system is in-active (non-subscriber or preview mode) The antenna has previously been moved When ordering for factory install, the decision to move/not move can be made as late as the day of installation. JK Antenna The JK Model (2007 to 2018) satellite antenna is located on the passenger side of the roll cage B pillar bracket, under the roll bar padding. Jeep may use this antenna for both Sirius and GPS signals depending on the trim and radio package. The antenna is removed from the stock location and mounted on the right side valence panel (between the hood and windshield) After the camper is installed, moving the antenna can be very difficult as access to the part will be limited. JL Antenna The JL Model (2018 to 2023) satellite antenna is located on the center of the B pillar cross bar of the roll cage. Jeep may use this antennal for both Sirius and GPS signals depending on the trim and radio package, but for most JL models the GPS antenna is under the dash. The antenna is removed from the stock location and mounted under the left side valence cover (between the valence and fender) For hybrid versions, the antenna is relocated to the right side in the same location to avoid the plug-in panel. Generally with a factory installation the original antenna is left in place, and a new one mounted using a new cable. The process of removing the original antenna and cable is quite time consuming, and involves a lot of interior... Read more
on Feb 21, 2023