Sometimes you know pretty fast when you've come to the right place, and found what you wanted. More often though, there are a lot of questions and decisions to be made...is this the right thing? Will it work for me? Does anyone else have one? Who are these guys, do they have a clue?

Ursa Minor has focused on small campers for over 10 years. When we started back in 2006 or so, the VW was long gone and finding a suppliers to buy parts from was hard, if not impossible. Since we started from a blank sheet, we could design what we wanted. Our campers were designed in-house: the top, the hinges, the tent and tons of smaller parts all started from a blank screen on a CAD program then were made by hand in our shop. As we grew, we set up suppliers to sew to our design, laser cut the metal, or cnc the plastic but we continue to produce all the major composite parts in house to order.

If you are curious about how we do what we do, we've linked some videos or check out our YouTube channel.  No paid actors, that's the team that builds these every day.

Backpacker - Get Out More Tour - Camper

Backpacker Magazine - Get Out More Tour 2018 - Transit Connect Build Video

Our Owners

Our campers are definitely not for everyone, but some of our customers have gone a long way with us, and had some amazing adventures.  Find some time and enjoy getting to know a few of our owners below

Dan Grec and his Ursa Minor J30

Dan Grec left a note on our Jeep at Overland Expo back in 2014 saying he was planning a big trip and wanted to talk campers.  Well, generally we don't tackle custom builds...but he knew what he wanted, had just come back from driving the Pan America, and his enthusiasm was contagious.   Many emails later, we got a custom build going, and early in 2016 we got busy fitting out his Jeep with a wide open J30  (now known in-house as a Grec-special)  After a shake down in Moab, Dan headed east and shipped his Jeep to Africa.   He's now logged 52,000 miles and slept over 900 nights in his J30!  Jump into his overland life via his website

www.roadchoseme.com  or  Instagram or Facebook

If you are attending the 2019 Overland Expo West, Dan (and his Jeep) will be in the Ursa Minor booth (C12) come by and meet him!

Chris Schontz - Venture 4WD

Chris Schontz got behind the wheel of his Jeep and headed out to see America in 2017, and created a stunning video series of his travels.  As he crosses the country, on and off road, sharing culinary tips and feedback on camping, he's getting maxium use out his J30 in all seasons.

www.venture4wd.com or Instagram or subscribe to his channel on YouTube

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