ECamper FAQ - Kit available?

We evaluated offering the ECamper as a kit for Do-It-Yourself or for other shops to install some time ago, but decided it was not feasible.

Here’s what our thinking was:

  • We have a crew of guys building them every week of the year (except Christmas) so we are pretty efficient.
  • We have specialized jigs, custom tools and a hoist for conversions, and while not complex they are essential to do a quality installation in a reasonable time frame.
  • To prepare everything but the final install is probably 70% of the work, so in terms of a cost savings (by using your skills/time vs. our team, there isn't a huge savings potential.
  • There is a significant cost added due to the time to pack everything up and build a crate.
  • The kit crate would need a forklift to be unloaded due to the size, and it would be $500 - $750 in shipping
  • We have procedures for the install, but they are specific to our facility and equipment by trained employees, they are not intended as step by step instructions
  • We are too small to have 24/7 availability for technical support about installation questions or issues.

Our conclusion was it’s easier to maintain our focus on offering conversions only in our facility (which is normal for the conversion/RV industry.) We understand that this decision may impact interested customers that are a long way from our shop or located outside of North America. We opened a 2nd location in Portland, OR and we expect to expand to the east coast at some point in the future.

We hope you'll consider a vacation to the west coast instead of slogging away installing a camper...