JK Rear Wiper / Defrost


This product is available with Ursa Minor Vehicles ?

Optional Jeep OEM Rear Wiper / Defroster for JK Series (2007 - 2018)

For JK Series J30 Campers, Ursa Minor can install a Jeep OEM wiper and defroster system as the hatch glass is also from Jeep. This option must be selected when the camper is configured.

If not selected, the base camper ships with no wiper or defrost on the back glass.

There are other ways to get these parts:

  • Remove the parts from existing hard top. Note that there are some downsides to this as it will make it harder to resell the OEM hard top as now it is missing parts. The other problem is the retrofit requires the internal wire harness that connects the wiper/defrost on the glass to the connector on the Jeep. It’s about 4 feet long but it is anchored within the hardtop, and it won’t come out “whole” by pulling. The hard top must be cut open at the rear, making holes into the hard top big enough to reach in and unclip this harness.


  • Remove parts from a damaged hard top found in a junkyard. If the Jeep rolled or was hit, the parts will still be in there and the top can be cut up get that harness, and all the other parts removed as needed


  • Order the parts directly from Jeep (Mopar.) Ursa Minor can provide a list on request, we basically pass on the cost and charge for about 15 minutes assembly time for this option.